The Counterintuitively Fastest Path to App Modernization


Published October 2020


Businesses across all industries are looking to drive digital transformation efforts and modernize their fleets of applications.

Most have a desired future state in mind composed of cloud-based, containerized, microservice-based applications created to run with DevOps processes across multiple clouds. However, there are huge technical, organizational, and operational hurdles to overcome.

Delivering cloud as an operating model, VMware is uniquely positioned to help businesses achieve the fastest path to app modernization. Unlike traditional cloud vendors, VMware provides a powerful software infrastructure and management stack that can be layered onto any physical infrastructure in any location with the ability to run all types of traditional and modern applications.

Download the white paper to learn how the VMware Cloud Foundation™ full-stack hybrid cloud solution and the VMware Tanzu™ portfolio provide end-to-end capabilities for building, running, and managing modern applications.

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