Pure Storage's Evergreen Storage Continues to Be the All-Flash Array Market's Customer Experience Program to Beat


Published November 2020

Purchasers of enterprise storage have historically dealt with an upgrade cycle that was expensive, disruptive, inherently risky, time consuming, and strongly driven by vendors' technology refresh cycles and pricing. In June 2015, Pure Storage challenged customer preconceptions about the enterprise storage upgrade cycle with the introduction of its Evergreen Storage program. Evergreen Storage has been tremendously popular with customers and has driven targeted responses from all other major enterprise storage players. Over the years, Pure Storage has continued to enhance Evergreen Storage with new features and broader platform coverage that have increased its already extremely high customer satisfaction. This White Paper assesses the impact Evergreen Storage has had on the enterprise storage industry and discusses the technical, financial, and business implications of the program, which was again expanded in late 2019, from a customer point of view.

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