Contracts At the Speed of Digital

CXC meets client demands for contingent workforces using Adobe Sign to complete contracts faster

Published November 2020


About 10 years ago, CXC faced a turning point. It had just won a major new client and needed to rapidly onboard as many as 2,000 contractors — the largest single contingent workforce it had ever managed.

“This was a big opportunity for us, but we knew our existing onboarding processes were too slow to deliver,” says Chris Thuell, director of risk and compliance for CXC’s Asia-Pacific operations. “We got rid of all our paper-based processes and adopted Adobe Sign.”

Thuell became a big believer in Adobe Sign. He saw just how much faster his teams could draw up contracts and get them signed by sending documentation electronically rather than through the post. Documents that took days or weeks to sign could be completed in a matter of hours. And the audit trail made compliance simple. Adobe Sign made all the difference as CXC ramped up to handle unprecedented volumes.

“We were managing what was, at one point, the largest contingent workforce program in Australia, and four to five times the size of our typical account,” says Thuell. “It was a massive transformation for our business.”

Fast forward a decade, and CXC has taken its use of Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat to new levels. The company uses e-signatures and digital workflows for employment agreements, tax documents, and client contracts, drawing up hundreds of contracts every month. And more clients are getting on board. That’s especially true now, as CXC recently completed its implementation of Salesforce and integrated it with Adobe Sign.

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