How backup modernization changes the ransomware game

Achieve data control for business resilience


Oh enterprise backup, why are you such a pain? Complex and time consuming to do, slow and inconsistent to recover from, and reliant on legacy systems that make you vulnerable to cyberattacks.

If the thrill of backing up your data and wondering if you will ever see it again has worn off, start the new year by getting rid of the lingering pain of legacy backup. Bipul Sinha, CEO of the Cloud Data Management Company, Rubrik, and Miguel Zatarain, Director of Global Infrastructure Technology at PACCAR, Fortune 500 manufacturer of trucks and Rubrik customer, are talking to the Reg’s Tim Phillips about how to eliminate the costly, slow and spotty performance of legacy backup, and how to modernize your implementation in 2021 to make your business more resilient. We’ll be discussing:

  • What’s wrong today, and why it doesn’t have to be this way
  • How backup modernization protects you from ransomware attacks
  • How PACCAR modernized backup and recovery with Rubrik
  • From economic benefits to changing outcomes with a modern solution
  • Where next for backup modernization?

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