Gartner: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations Delivers Improved Business Outcomes


Published January 2021


Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders use application performance monitoring (APM) to provide real-time surveillance of business-critical applications. While it is effective in detecting common, well-known IT problems, APM's ability to place what it has detected within the context of a business process is limited.

As a result, business stakeholders cannot effectively utilize the information APM provides to gain insight to guide business decisions that help drive top-line revenue, improve time-to-market, and reduce reputational risk and costs. This is a waste of resources that otherwise would be used to help grow the business — an effort that fails to deliver.

How can I&O leaders provide business leaders with the insight they need to make better decisions that deliver the greatest business impact? This research describes an alternative to the typical use of artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) for event correlation. It also explains how AIOps with APM can deliver the actionable insight needed to achieve business outcomes such as improved revenue, cost and risk.

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