Managing security and risk for Microsoft 365

Cutting risk today


With more than half of offices saying they will allow employees to work at home in the future, it’s time to think about how we’re going to protect the millions of users who have just become their own full-time support staff. You need to make sure that they are just as secure at home as in the office. Item 1 on the agenda: how do we -- how do they -- secure the Microsoft 365 environment?

If you are thinking, “that’s OK, we’ll just let them use Microsoft’s security tools”, then J Peter Bruzzese of Mimecast has some working-from-home truths for you. And, of course, also some sound advice about how to mind the security gap between office and home. In our live Regcast he will be talking to the Reg’s Tim Phillips about:

  • Where Microsoft 365 security falls short
  • The upgrades we need right now to mind your security gap
  • Cutting risk today without locking down users