Carbonite Data Protection & Cyber Resilience

All The Tools Necessary To Protect Any Type Of Data

Published January 2021


Data protection is a balancing act in the context of “where does a business allocate its budget?” and also in the context of “the more security I apply to my data the harder it is for employees to work with it”. The trick lies with deploying the right protection across the different systems and types of data. IT pros need confidence that the protection they deploy can:

  • Restore business data quickly and reliably
  • Store and transmit data securely
  • Extend protection as environments change
  • Provide long-term survivability of historical data
  • This ability to protect data and preserve access to it during adverse events is called cyber resilience. Along with data security solutions like antivirus software, Carbonite backup, disaster recovery and high availability solutions helps businesses of all sizes and in every industry improve the resilience of their systems. From simple, secure cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service to high availability and non-disruptive migration, Carbonite offers all the tools necessary to deploy a comprehensive data resiliency strategy for any type of data, on any system, across remote, mobile and WFA (Work From Anywhere) workforces.

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