How to unlock the true value of your cloud migration


Published February 2021


The global cloud computing market is set to reach $295 billion by 2021, a 12.5% growth from 2019 (despite COVID-19 disruptions). A lot of companies talk about the bottom line of cloud computing, focussing on cutting expenses through agility and efficiency – but the true value of the cloud is a lot more.

In this guide, we focus on understanding the purpose of cloud in your business, not just the monetary gains.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • How the cloud is advancing industries
  • How to understand the core purpose of cloud in your business
  • What role IT leadership plays when migrating to the cloud
  • Top 5 things to consider when selecting a cloud connectivity partner
  • 5 phases to manage a seamless cloud migration journey
  • The cost of a badly managed migration

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