The Google Cloud Adoption Framework

A unified approach to the cloud

Published February 2021


Is your organization ready for the cloud? Use Google's cloud adoption framework as a guide to find out.

Moving to the cloud offers enormous benefits for businesses. Yet there are risks as well. The challenge is multidimensional, with farreaching implications not just for the solutions that will run in the cloud, but also for the technologies that support them, the people who need to implement them, and the processes that govern them. The rubric of people, process, and technology is a familiar one. But how do you harness it to move forward?

As one of the earliest organizations to operate entirely in the cloud, Google has been spearheading projects for years that address this very issue — from leadership and people management best practices like re:Work, to engineering-driven software operations methodologies like Site Reliability Engineering, to zero-trust security models like BeyondCorp. It is from work such as this that we’ve developed a streamlined framework for adopting the cloud.

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