Calm, cool heads in the cloud: Managers get multi-site, converged-network control to beat IoT-spawned complexity and sprawls

Cloud-managed, AI-enabled network management boosts visibility, intelligence and agility

Published February 2021


Today’s smart building strategies entail building at least two duplicated networks – one corporate business network and one building management network. Add the sprawl of complex access networks arising from the heterogeneous nature of Internet of Things (IoT) to the mix and the entire ecosystem becomes unmanageable easily.

Admins would attest that keeping the network running smoothly is easier said than done. “Today, their network troubleshooting process is mostly reactive,” says Lakshmi Nagarajan, director of Engineering, Big Data Analytics in Ruckus Networks, CommScope. “When users complain, the admin scrambles to find the root cause, which is a painstakingly slow process because several KPIs, metrics and events have to be analysed in the various layers of the network to get to the bottom of the issue.”

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