SANS Review: Analyzing Malicious Behavior Effectively


Published February 2021

Attacker’s tactics and techniques have evolved, but most security tools haven’t. Meanwhile, many IT security teams are under increasing pressure to detect and respond to threats fast while lacking the skills they require to do so. This points to a mounting need for more sophisticated security solutions.

This SANS review of ExtraHop Reveal(x) network detection and response determined that it can quickly analyse and contextualize complex networks. Factoring in Reveal(x)’s easy-to-use dashboards and intuitive design, analysts of all skill levels are more empowered to make network hygiene improvements and detect, investigate, and respond to threats before they become breaches.

Read the product review to find out what SANS says about Reveal(x), its ability to detect today’s advanced threats, and how it helps modern security teams solve common challenges.

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