World Quality Report

2020-21 edition

Published February 2021


This has been a year of steady and encouraging progress. Acceleration in QA transformation is visible, and we think that also contributed to a great extent in the resilience shown by the QA and information technology (IT) teams in the face of the COVID crisis.

For instance, and as you’ll see in more detail in the rest of this executive summary, quality is now being assured by following better engineering practices, yet the testing mindset remains as relevant as before. The adoption of agile and DevOps continues to grow. The uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in QA has been growing gradually, with some of the use cases maturing and others getting evaluated. Test automation is moving forward too, and is becoming more intelligent and comprehensive. In some cases, the pace of change has been hampered by legacy practices, budget constraints, and skills gaps, but nonetheless, the momentum has been encouraging.

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