The State Of Hybrid Cloud

Virtana Survey Report

Published February 2021


The public cloud IaaS and PaaS market was worth $84.8 billion in 2019, and this combined market is anticipated to grow at 27% CAGR over the next five years, according to IDC. Within the context of this heavy push into the cloud, Virtana commissioned a survey to better understand organizations’ multicloud deployment, experience, and success.

Key findings include:

  • 72% of respondents state that their organization required applications to be repatriated for performance or cost reasons, or a combination of both, as a result of insufficient planning.
  • No single cost visibility tool garnered more than 20% of organizations’ usage.
  • 95% of respondents have started their migration and 68% report having migrated 25% or more of their applications to a public cloud.
  • 78% of companies are investing in the public cloud at the same or an accelerated pace even in the current economic climate.

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