Virtana Targets Cloud Management Platform Market With Workload Migration Emphasis

451 Research Report

Published February 2021


Cloud management platforms (CMPs) are often touted by vendors across the stack as a ‘single pane of glass’ to manage resources across execution environments; potentially including multiple public cloud platforms and on-premises/colocated resources. Many CMPs provide at best perfunctory resources for workload migration; the first-party CMPs from cloud platform operators prioritize or exclusively support their on-premises hardware (e.g., AWS Outposts), while the second-party CMPs from traditional infrastructure providers serve secondary purposes as leasing portals for their own hardware.

Virtana is targeting enterprises with existing on-premises/private cloud deployments aiming to migrate workloads to the public cloud as part of a hybrid cloud transformation, without the limitations or perceived biases that first- and second-party CMPs may have.

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