Top Takeaways from the World Quality Report


Published February 2021

The World Quality Report 2020-21 (WQR) has launched! This annual report is the only global study that analyses responses from over 1750 QA/testing managers, CIOs, and other IT Professionals in 32 countries, across ten industry sectors, and discusses the trends shaping QA and testing today, along with recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

This year’s report highlights an increase in expectations from QA, such as supporting business growth and ensuring end-user satisfaction.

Watch this on-demand webinar for a 45 minute summary of all the key findings, including:

  • Agile and DevOps adoption is steadily increasing, resulting in QA teams becoming orchestrators of quality
  • AI adoption is increasing, but more progress remains to be made
  • Automation momentum has risen throughout the QA lifecycle, but benefits aren’t being fully realized
  • The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation programs, pushing organizations to improve their approach to QA

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