Applying Big Data Analytics to Cybersecurity

Understand the challenge, know your enemy


Working-from-anywhere, long supply chains, and explosive data growth are expanding your potential attack surface. The cost of a breach, and the bill for clearing up the mess - can be devastating, and that’s before we consider the existential threat of losing control of your intellectual property. Talking of existential threats, is your government protecting its state secrets and national security?

Where there’s Big Data, there’s the potential for analytics to improve security posture and harden security practices. More often than not though, projects built on solutions like Splunk fail. Join Kong Yang from Nutanix who will be talking to The Reg’s Tim Phillips about how this happens, and how to make sure your Big Data analytics deliver cyber security:

  • What Big Data is telling us about the latest threats and trends
  • Creating successful Big Data analytics security
  • Success in your cybersecurity practice leadership