Choosing A Tech Stack You Won’t Regret

CircleCI Whitepaper

Published February 2021


There’s a lot of excitement and accolades around startups everywhere these days -- success stories and big payoffs. But no one talks about what it really takes to get there: the day-to-day onslaught of small, technical decisions that are expected of a technical leader in a fast-growing company.

In this ebook, CircleCI CTO and 20+ year technology veteran Rob Zuber shares the tactics he’s used to focus on what’s important, make the right decisions at the right times, and to strategize which decisions to make now, later, or never. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Zuber’s 14 rules for technical decision making.
  • The crucial things startup technical leaders should focus on at the expense of all else.
  • When it makes sense to opt for expensive solutions that have cheaper alternatives, and when it doesn’t.

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