TechTalent Acceleration: How to overcome your IT skills gap and futureproof your digital transformation


Published February 2021


This guide is about finding these skills and bringing them into your business.

In Part 1, we explore how the pandemic has changed the perception of training and what this means for learning and development programmes.

In Part 2, we focus on the need for speed and discuss the methodologies and disciplines that support rapid digital transformation.

Part 3 explores the various elements of our unique solution to finding these skills: TechTalent Acceleration.

And in Part 4 we conclude with the story of how the building society Nationwide used our services to enhance its engineering team and bring new skills into its business.

This guide is based on a simple premise – every organisation is now at a crossroads. Either they adapt, accelerate digitisation and thrive; or face a slow but inevitable decline.

This is a time of risk and uncertainty but it’s also a time of huge opportunity. Make the right moves now and your business will emerge from this crisis as a stronger, more agile organisation that’s better equipped to serve its employees and customers.

QA is here to help you on this journey by identifying, sourcing and training the talent that will transform your business.

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