Critical Insights to Defend Against APT-style Targeted Attacks


Published March 2021

Cybercriminals are constantly developing sophisticated ways of attacking businesses. In today’s volatile and fast-growing threat landscape, more and more organizations find themselves facing highly complex and damaging cyber-incidents, caused by APTs, multi-stage or targeted attacks. If it hasn’t happened already, it's only a matter of time before your IT security team finds themselves on the front line.

How ready are you to defend against such attacks?

Join this upcoming webinar - Critical Insights to Defend APT-style Targeted Attacks on March 18, 1 pm SGT (GMT +8) to learn why cyber incidents succeed. What can you learn about today's new generation of Cyberthreats, whether it is the supply chain, ransomware 2.0, or living off the land attacks?

To defend against these evolving threats, CISOs need to:

  • Build automated incident response tools, which can simplify alert triage, analysis, and initial response
  • Enable SOC teams to build an optimal TI program with maximum return on investment
  • Build proactive threat hunting capabilities to prevent possible attacks
  • Establish a central console in which telemetry from the network, endpoints, email, and web are correlated and analyzed
  • Upskill and train talent to build essential knowledge in the team

Effective planning reduces costs and helps to make risk-based architecture decisions, as well as demonstrate the security ROI to enterprise stakeholders.

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