Technological Pillars of Industry 4.0. The Virtual Factory of Software. (in Spanish)


Published March 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is strongly driven by the development of Software that is key to digital transformation. Let's talk about making software:
  • Why do we have to manufacture Software?
  • Why do we have to have a virtual software factory?
  • Data. How to transform data warehousing into products
  • How the Cloud and having our solutions in the Cloud allows us to be more agile and competitive
Hear from CloudBees / Jenkins, BBVA Next Technologies, and Google Cloud, on how we can support Industry 4.0 adoption in the following areas:
  • The industrialization of Software development
  • Get the most out of your data with Machine Learning models: Use Cases
  • Get the most out of the Cloud

Please note: This webinar is in Spanish.

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