Critical Capabilities For AST In DevOps

A List of Key Solution Requirements That Gets Secure Software to Market Faster

Published March 2021


Security represents one of the biggest challenges to software development since it often directly opposes deployment velocity. Today, security must be inseparable from DevOps in every imaginable way, and organizations need the tools, techniques, solutions, and approaches to help them achieve that objective. As a result, organizations adopting DevOps must deeply consider what critical capabilities for application security testing (AST) are essential to getting secure software to market faster.

Not all AST solutions were made for DevOps agility and, actually, some encumber its primary purpose—speed and time to market. Therefore, organizations are at a crossroads whereby they must make an important decision; either adjust their DevOps initiatives to limp along with the current AST solutions they have in place, or implement new solutions that are fundamentally designed to operate better within this new paradigm.

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