On-Demand Webcast: The Thoroughly Modern Desktop?

The benefits and challenges of keeping an up to date desktop estate

Many organisations today are considering the case for refreshing their desktop estate – we have plenty of evidence for this coming from recent surveys. While this may be the case, in these times it is important to position the rationale in terms of cost/benefit.

In this webcast we ask, just how valuable is it to have an up-to-date desktop estate? What are the advantages, both in business and IT management terms, and what is the cost impact? What capabilities are available in modern hardware, and how can they best be exploited? Another factor is of course the imminent arrival of Windows 7, Microsoft’s answer to the push-back it experienced with regard to Windows Vista. What kind of reception can Windows 7 expect when it is launched, and what impact will it have?

These are important questions, not least as many organisations start to emerge from the credit crunch and reconsider their spending plans in the light of post-recession economics. This Webcast considers all of these questions and briefly reviews best practice when it comes to defining, deploying and managing upgrades.

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