End-User Computing: The Modern Workplace an Extension of the Hybrid Cloud Market

An IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by Nutanix

Published March 2021


In the past, end users reported to a workplace and performed a job using assets assigned to them by the company, following established procedures. Today, almost half of organizations offer knowledge workers the freedom to do what they need to do and where they need to do it in order to achieve a business outcome. This broader sense is true across industries, except for the public sector and services, which have comparatively low role flexibility at 34% and 25%.

Enterprises have shifted to rapid procurement and provisioning for IT resources to meet this changing landscape. Virtualized applications and desktops—i.e., End-User Computing—as well as software as a service, can be procured and provisioned in minutes; retired in seconds (addressing speed, flexibility of role, and time). Virtualized apps give enterprises quality access from any device (addressing mobility) from anywhere with a network connection.

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