Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference highlights innovation and applied scenarios of technologies

The Register takes you through the event’s keynotes


Many aspects of our lives have been on pause over the last year, but that has not stopped the pace of digital transformation.

This year’s Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference took stock of progress over the last 12 months and looked forward to how technology can help business and society return to normal, and support mutually beneficial cooperation. Huawei and nearly 50 of their customers and partners, from over 10 countries and regions, shared best practices in digital transformation across different industries.

Here, we’ve pulled together four of this year’s standout keynote speeches to give you a taste of the agenda.

Peng Zhongyang, Director, and President of the Enterprise BG, discussed how Huawei is pursuing a value driven, cloud first model to help customers as we move beyond the upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and into the fourth industrial revolution.

David (Tao) Wang, Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of the Investment Review Board, highlighted how Huawei is enabling the intelligent cloud and hyper-converged data center, and making concepts such as the highly-efficient campus and green power a reality.

Jacqueline (Jilin) Shi, President of International Business Dept., and President of Marketing Dept, Cloud & AI, explained how AI is helping companies and governments move beyond digitalization to intelligently upgrade.

And Bob (Banghua) Chen, Vice President, Enterprise Business Group, and President, Marketing & Enterprise Network Technical Sales, showed how the intelligent cloud allows you to reimagine the workplace, whether that is an office campus, a science park or a coal mine.

We hope you enjoy each presentation, and, more importantly, use them as launch pad for further dialogue as you consider how science and technology can shape your own organization’s future.

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