Legacy server emulation on Azure

Bridge to application modernisation, powered by Stromasys


Many of you are running mission-critical applications on servers from an earlier generation, such as SPARC, Alpha, VAX, PDP-11, and PA-RISC. Maintaining legacy hardware means spiralling cost and increasing risk. This may not even be an option if you plan to exit your datacentre.

You can either dedicate the rest of your career to sourcing parts on eBay, or maybe consider running those applications in a virtualized environment in the cloud. And, when you do that, you increase reliability and performance, lower TCO, and maybe unlock a path to modernisation too.

Join Jonathon Frost of Microsoft (Azure Global Engineering) and John Prot from Stromasys as they tell The Reg’s Tim Phillips:

  • Why emulate on Azure?
  • How to lift and shift
  • What emulation can achieve for your business and state of mind