GigaOm Radar for Alternatives to Amazon AWS S3

Public Cloud Object Stores

Published April 2021

GigaOm Radar for Alternatives to Amazon AWS S3

Organizations today look to the cloud for their compute and data storage needs.

Amazon AWS is by far the current market leader in both revenue and number of customers, and its service ecosystem is the most complete. Amazon’s popular Simple Storage Service (S3) is an object store, meaning that data is stored as objects, along with associated metadata and identifiers. This architecture is inexpensive, scalable, and allows massive amounts of unstructured data to be more readily accessible and more easily analyzed. S3 is also the name of the API for accessing the data programmatically.

S3 has quickly become the standard protocol for object storage but there are alternative APIs from major cloud providers. Many third-party solutions are now compatible with more than just S3, offering additional options to users.

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