DBA’s guide to Oracle data protection


Published April 2021


Oracle’s RDBMS has been the gold standard for managing structured data for decades, and today most major businesses rely on it for their mission-critical applications. Yet maintaining relational database integrity during a backup can be complex. It takes keeping physical parameters secure and database processes consistent as well as auditing data trails and performing risk-based validation. To reduce this complexity, Oracle introduced Recovery Manager (RMAN) as its standard tool to handle basic backup and restore functionality.

Learn about the fundamental backup concepts applicable to RMAN and how Druva works with an Oracle image copy and incremental merge features to securely protect an Oracle database in the cloud. As an Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP) partner, Druva also gives additional control of data protection to your backup admins and teams while it provides:

  • The most efficient protection for Oracle databases both on-premises and in the cloud
  • On-demand scaling and storage without complexity
  • Lower TCO for backup and recovery

Discover how your organization can integrate cloud backup with Oracle RMAN to reduce costs and complexity of data protection.

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