Out Of The Shadows And Into The Cloud


Published April 2021


Shadow IT – the use of IT systems and applications without the knowledge or approval of the business – has grown exponentially. With the adoption of cloud-based applications and services, it’s just so easy for users to reach out for their own preferred tool to do the job.

Someone outside the business sends you a file in cloud disk like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar. Then, when you need to send that file to someone inside the business, so you install that application and tell them to use that too. Next thing you know, everybody’s using cloud disks messengers, third party mail and social networks in the office. But nobody’s told IT (naturally, or they might get told to stop) so whoever’s tasked with enforcing IT policy, whether it’s you or your client, has no idea where the business’s valuable and potentially sensitive data is being stored in the cloud. And how, or even if, it’s protected.

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