Five Steps For Implementing DevSecOps In Your Organisation


Published April 2021


Whether your organisation is already a well-oiled DevOps machine, or whether you’re just in the beginning stages of adopting a new software development methodology, one thing is certain: the security of your product is a top-of-mind concern. And with more public, highly-visible security breaches than ever, you may be evaluating how you can embed a security mindset throughout your companywithout sacrificing agility or compromising release schedules.

Responding to security simply as point-in-time, one-off issues—or worse, only taking after you’ve actually been compromised—is no longer a viable or defensible position. You need to be considering how you can create a model for sustainable security. The key to this comes by embedding security in your software development process itself.

And that’s where a DevSecOps strategy comes in.

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