Webcast Slide Deck | Three trends for the virtual desktop in 2021

Adapting to the way we work now

Published May 2021


These slides support a webcast brought to you by The Register and sponsor Nutanix.

Our workplace has changed dramatically since COVID-19, and organisations everywhere are adopting digital workspaces for productivity, continuity, agility, and security. The virtual desktop is a natural fit for the way we are working, but deployment and operational complexity have often got in the way of realising the benefits in the past.

But look again: innovation in how virtual desktops are deployed are cutting out substandard performance, poor user experience, or operational overhead. Join Kevin Bacon from Nutanix, who has been doing this stuff for years, as he tells the Reg’s Tim Phillips about what’s new in 2021, and why this means we should be looking again at virtual desktops as the way to be secure and productive, wherever we work.

You will hear:

  • Why VDs are a solution for the way we work now
  • Six trends that are changing the technology and how you implement it
  • How to get started in your VD project

Watch the webcast on-demand here.

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