Prevent Microsoft 365 data loss with a secure and scalable solution


Published May 2021


Microsoft 365 is a foundational product for many organizations, but there is often a misunderstanding when it comes to its inherent backup limitations. That’s why it’s critical for your IT teams to ensure you have the right tools and solutions in place to prevent Microsoft 365 data loss - especially in the event of a natural disaster, security breach, accidental erasure, or challenging compliance and eDiscovery scenarios.

With Druva, you’ll get a comprehensive backup and protection solution for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, as well as endpoints, data centers, SaaS applications, and cloud-native workloads. Get ready to resolve any data protection challenges without dedicated hardware, software, or resources.

In the following sections, discover how your peers enhanced Microsoft 365 data protection with Druva - and how you can do the same.

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