Safety in Simplicity

How to make cybersecurity work for your least tech-savvy employee

Published May 2021


Yesterday’s security solutions were built at a time when everyone was more contained: contained to one workplace, contained to one network, contained to one device.

But with people now working in so many different places on so many different devices and networks, defending against attacks is not as simple as it once was. You increasingly have to think outside the safety of your corporate network.

Get it right, however, and the rewards are huge.

You can empower your people to do their job wherever they are, however works best for them and your customers, without losing sleep over sensitive data.

Not only does that make you more attractive as an employer, it also helps you serve your customers or the public in the way they’re now accustomed to.

Virgin Media has created this simple, plain-English guide to help you navigate all this change, whatever stage you’re currently at and whatever your future plans might be.

You’ll learn:

  • The impact of human error and how to reduce it
  • Why security and connectivity should work as one (and how to make sure they do)
  • How to enable secure hybrid working when your IT is growing in age, not budget

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