Service level monitoring and management

Delivering service excellence across the network

This on-demand webcast from The Register looked at Service level monitoring and management and how it can help your business from the data center and beyond.

Find out what benefits the use of SLA monitoring and management systems can provide in an era when IT systems need to be more dynamic in response to changing business demands, such as the growth SaaS and other applications outside of the data center the challenges that presents to monitoring.

Tim Phillips, our regular host for the proceedings, was joined by Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Gary Read from Nimsoft. Between them, Gary and Tony know just about everything there is to know about network monitoring.

Together they looked at why organisations are looking to use these tools and just how they can help improve the life of both business users and IT staff. Also considered, what options are available and where they fit as well as highlighting some real world usage examples.

This talk included the following points:

- Why is measuring the quality of service delivery important? (Research based Slides)

- Are companies actually doing anything? (Research based slides)

- What's holding things back?

- Real world examples

- Service Level alignment with business need

- Outsourcing / Managed Services / SaaS

- Virtualised Environments - Resource alignment

- Saving Money

- Better “relationships with customers” / raised satisfaction

- Better service

- How to get started

The entire event is on-demand and available to view now.

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