Migrating to AWS databases

Build a modern data infrastructure


A data-driven culture is a competitive advantage and good data strategy is the foundation for transformation and innovation. If you can modernize your data infrastructure, it opens the door to advanced analytics and better machine learning.

But data-driven hopefuls who are still running legacy database infrastructure on premises or self-managing in the cloud find that this task is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. AWS thinks it has a better answer: a range of fully managed database services purpose-built for every major use case: 350,000 databases have migrated to AWS database services in the last few years – including Amazon.com itself. Join Doug Flora from AWS, as Tim Phillips from the Reg quizzes him on:

  • The problems of legacy data infrastructure
  • The AWS alternatives that free you from costly admin overheads and allow you to innovate
  • Tools for migration and optimization

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