It’s not if you embrace AI, it’s when

(and when is probably now)


Some of you are taking a wait-and-see approach to AI. Some of you are thinking about applying it to a few discrete business processes. Some of you are treating AI as just another IT project.

Are these good strategies? No, no and no say Dan Faggella, the CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, a market research firm focused on the ROI of AI, and Marshall Choy, VP of Product at SambaNova, an organization “creating the next generation of computing” using AI. In this Regcast they will be talking to Tim Phillips about how you make the most of the paradigm shift in computing that AI represents – and explaining why this is a transformation, not a technology project.

  • Who should be embracing AI now?
  • How much should you be doing now?
  • Where do you start?

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