Data Security Talks

APAC Edition

Published July 2021

Data is your most valuable asset–but it’s also your most vulnerable. Despite putting thorough and rigorous defensive security measures in place, ransomware is still getting in and corrupting data, forcing organisations to pay massive ransom fees. The reality is that thicker walls are no longer enough.

Join hackers, Palo Alto Networks, security forward APAC organisations, Cyber Risk Industry Specialists Deloitte, and more Security Leaders for an afternoon of virtual talks to learn bout new cyber/ransomware threats, hacking tools, techniques and how even seemingly secure organisations can be laid bare. Get the inside stories on organisations that have been hit recently by ransomware, get insights on how companies are mitigating data risk and learn practical tips on how to strengthen your security posture.

Date: Tuesday, 3 August, 2021

Time: 1:00pm AEST / 11:00am SGT

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