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How did we get here (and where are we going)?

Published July 2021


These slides support a webcast brought to you by The Register and sponsor Rubrik.

If you’re the sort of scrote who likes attacking people with ransomware, Covid-19 has been a wonderful opportunity for you. Attack surfaces went up by a factor of 100 while your would-be victims scrambled to protect themselves. But if you’re in the crosshairs, you want faster ransomware recovery solutions and security strategies that adapt to these evolving ransomware attacks. We’re here to help.

Join Jason Cook, Sales Engineer Director from Rubrik who will be explaining to the Reg’s Tim Phillips how attacks evolved to exploit Covid-19, and what the most successful organizations have done to defend against them. In this RegCast:

  • What does the future of ransomware look like and how can you stay ahead of the curve?
  • Why data protection will become the most critical element of your security strategy
  • How to make backups that rescue you from attack

Watch the webcast on-demand here.

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