The next chapter of public cloud adoption

Getting the hard stuff right

Before covid-19 you were probably already migrating your workloads to the cloud, but what about the stuff that you haven’t tried yet, because it is so transformational, so mission-critical, so embedded in the business? Chapter 2 of your cloud strategy starts now.

This chapter means implementing and managing hybrid multicloud, and it’s not just about new technology, it means new ways of working and managing your technology. So we tasked Lee Fredricks from IBM Public Cloud and Marco Sebastiani from IBM GTS to work together to support you get started, to explain your options, and help you make some of the most important decisions for your next generation of business. In our Regcast, they will join Tim Phillips to talk about:

  • What is Chapter 2, and why do you need to deal with it now?
  • How do you know which option is the right for your use case?
  • How do you plan, resource and execute Chapter 2?
  • What does IBM provide that can help to co-create a successful hybrid cloud?

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