Fueling App Innovation: Digital Experiences


Published August 2021


These days, customers expect businesses to remember them no matter how they interact—online, in-store, by phone, or via apps. In the digital age, satisfying customers means providing them with high-quality digital experiences. With over 75% of consumers that are willing to share their data to help companies personalize their experiences, it is crucial for organizations to adopt APIs to design great application experiences, differentiate from the competition, and create long-lasting brand loyalty amongst their customers.

The second in our series of “App Innovation” ebooks looks at the increasingly critical role that APIs play in supporting, informing, and delighting your customers — and how you can use APIs to develop and launch new features more easily and frequently.

What’s inside:

  • Challenges organizations face while striving to stay ahead of the digital customer experience curve
  • The “secret sauce” to developing competitive digital experiences through personalization and cutting-edge technologies
  • How organizations can leverage APIs to stand out from the competition and foster brand excitement and loyalty for new and existing customers

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