High Speed Migration

Bandwidth without boundaries

Published August 2021


CommScope’s High Speed Migration platform is a unified, end-to-end channel approach to your infrastructure’s ongoing development. The evolving portfolio consists of modular building blocks—highspeed fiber, MPO connectors, and ultra high-density fiber panels—infrastructure intelligence and network planning tools. Working together, they enable your infrastructure to adapt, evolve and scale—now and down the road.

Designed by experts who are immersed in your day-to-day reality, the High Speed Migration platform addresses the key challenges you face every day:

  • How do you increase fiber and equipment port density while keeping it manageable?
  • Which technologies provide the capabilities you need now—and an open path to the future?
  • How can you guarantee support for increased speeds in the future without having to redesign the data center?
  • How will your high-speed migration plan affect your time to market and operational and deployment costs?

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