Hybrid learning is a good thing

How do you make it 'your' good thing?


The pandemic has focused the minds of educators on hybrid learning technology and infrastructure, but digital instruction comes with its own set of challenges. Equity, security, and continuity are top-of-mind for both educators and their IT departments.

So, if you’re tasked with creating hybrid learning, how do you approach it? How do you make technology more accessible and available to everyone? How do you ensure that remote learners don’t get a compromised educational environment? And how do you deliver it securely?

In our latest Regcast, Shayla Rexrode, Lenovo’s WW Education Software Solution Manager, discusses with Tim Phillips the evolving landscape of hybrid learning.

You will discover:

  • What is hybrid learning and how does it work?
  • Trends and technology in hybrid learning
  • Create a secure hybrid learning environment for everyone
  • Key considerations when designing a hybrid learning environment

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