The 10 Biggest and Boldest Insider Threat Incidents


Published September 2021


As the workplace quickly evolves, people are working from anywhere and accessing data everywhere. This shift has dramatically increased many organizations’ exposure to cyber risk. Suddenly, CISOs must manage not just external threats, but countless risks from within.

Most organizations spend significant time and resources understanding and mitigating external threats. Unfortunately, few make the same investment in learning about internal threats. As a result, organizations don’t know what insider threats look like—let alone how to combat them.

We explore five key elements within each incident:

  • What happened
  • Who is behind the insider incident—and why
  • Why insider incidents may be intentional, accidental or the result of account compromise
  • How much these incidents cost the organization they hit
  • Lessons learned from each of these examples to ensure you can better protect your organization

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