Redefining DLP Why Today’s Organisations Need a More Modern Approach to Data Loss Prevention


Published September 2021


For most organisations, the last few years have been a whirlwind of change. An increasingly distributed workforce, new ways of doing business and a shift to the cloud have transformed the nature of work. These trends have also made compliance more challenging, especially for teams using security tools and processes built for an earlier era of work.

Organisations are embracing the cloud, a work-from-anywhere culture and innovation as a core value. It’s time that your DLP solution did, too. Built on a cloud-based architecture, modern DLP helps reduce data loss from insider risks and external threats, streamline your team’s workflow and speed up incident detection and response.

As you embark on your own modern DLP journey, look for a solution that takes a holistic approach to data loss and includes these essential elements:

  • Scalable information protection.
  • Cloud-native, flexible architecture.
  • Fast deployment with a lightweight footprint.
  • Security and privacy by design.

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