The Empowered Employee with Zero Trust Data Protection

How to Positively Govern & Influence Security Behavior

Published September 2021


We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to security—whether that’s accidentally hitting “Reply All,” or quickly forwarding an email that turned out to contain sensitive information farther down the thread.

A productive, successful, collaborative workplace requires employees to share information quickly and efficiently—but that information is often sensitive in nature. It’s important that your teams are empowered to share data securely and confidently.

You’ve heard the stats surrounding cybersecurity and data breaches—including how costly and damaging a breach can be (the average breach costs US$3.86 million)—and you understand why it’s so urgent that companies embrace and prioritize data protection.

This guide will show you what to do about it, sharing actionable tips on how to positively, successfully empower your teams to protect their data while still being confident in their ability to share it.

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