Securing Critical Infrastructure From Cyber-attack

Protecting IT and OT systems with a unified approach


In May, a ransomware attack shut down America's largest fuel pipeline for five days, causing panic buying, queues at the pumps and a spike in fuel prices. Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure aren’t just about ransoms: they compromise the systems that power the economy, damage the environment, and even threaten human life.

Colonial Pipeline was the largest attack on US energy systems in history, and a wake-up call that the convergence of IT and the operational technology (OT) systems that manage and control industrial operations has changed the way that we need to secure critical infrastructure. In this RegCast, Darktrace’s Justin Fier joins Tim Phillips to explain -

  • Why OT is vulnerable to cyberattacks
  • What the next OT attacks will look like, and the possible consequences
  • How an AI approach to securing critical infrastructure can safeguard these systems

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