Introducing data tiering for Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Data tiering for ElastiCache for Redis can help you scale and store data more cost-effectively, saving up to 50% per GB.

Developers use Amazon ElastiCache as an in-memory cache and data store to boost application performance and reduce latency to microseconds. Today, we’re announcing data tiering for ElastiCache for Redis. Data tiering transparently moves data between RAM and solid state drives (SSD) and automatically optimizes the cost of your ElastiCache clusters with minimal performance impact.

Amazon ElastiCache R6gd nodes with memory and solid state drives have nearly 5x more total storage capacity and can help customers achieve over 60% savings in price when running at maximum utilization compared to ElastiCache R6g nodes with memory only. Join us to learn how to get started with data tiering for ElastiCache and hear how Rokt, a global leader in ecommerce marketing technology, uses data tiering to simplify scaling and reduce costs.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about how ElastiCache for Redis data tiering works
  • Understand how data tiering helps you cost-effectively scale your ElastiCache cluster capacity
  • Hear from Rokt about how data tiering significantly reduced their costs

Who Should Attend: Developers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, IT, Application Architects, Technical Decision Makers/ITDMs

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