4 Ways XDR Levels Up Security Programs


Published November 2021


Extended Detection and Response, or XDR, is all the buzz lately. But is it all talk? Some say it’s on a collision course with SIEM (Security Information & Event Management). In fact, maybe it is a SIEM. It’s confusing out there, so we developed this guide to shed some light.

Here’s what the Rapid7 eBook covers:

  • Identifying XDR as an ‘approach’ Discover how solutions like SIEM and EDR with curation make XDR possible to achieve.
  • Four key benefits of XDR Learn how XDR enables you to simplify SecOps, scale security transformation, and more.
  • Determine if XDR is the right approach for you Understand the critical pieces of the XDR puzzle, like required technologies and integrations.
  • InsightIDR: It was XDR before XDR was even a thing

Learn how Rapid7 began to lay the foundation for XDR 6 years ago with InsightIDR.

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