The procurement model that lets IT do what it does best


You should be focused on innovation, modern IT, and digital transformation. But your day-to-day device management headaches are keeping you from doing the really valuable stuff. Half of employees feel that their employers are middle of the pack or falling behind with their tech needs: and so the emphasis on hybrid and flexible work means that unless you can solve your management problem, it's going to get worse.

That's where the concept of device as a service (DaaS) may help. Combining hardware, software and services with a predictable and regular fee, it lets IT get off the hamster wheel of device provisions and support. In our webinar Rob Makin of Lenovo tells Tim Phillips about how his company is delivering DaaS, who to, and what the potential benefits are. Join us if you want to discover:

  • How the demands of device support are killing innovation and creating user dissatisfaction
  • What DaaS is and how it works
  • The strategic and financial benefits of DaaS for your digital transformation

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