It’s Your Move: 4 Keys to Working with an Observability Toolset


Published November 2021


The COVID pandemic reinforced what many enterprise leaders already recognized about the cloud: its immense value as a tool for building more agile, efficient, innovative, and resilient businesses. Today, we see enterprises looking for bigger and better ways to leverage this value and lock in the benefits. That includes hitting fast-forward on cloud migration strategies: moving more apps, more quickly; upping investments; and applying more advanced migration methods.

It’s important to define observability, of course, but it’s also important to look at what observability means in practice

1. An observability mindset delivers very real advantages

2. Observability is only valuable when it delivers insights and action

3. Data-sampling gimmicks undermine observability

4. Best-in-class observability toolsets build on open source and open standards

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