The Bypass Around Database Sprawl

The Fast Track to Focusing Data Assets with MariaDB


Database and tooling sprawl are taking over enterprises at a time when efficient data management and analytics are more critical than ever. Purpose-driven, specialty tools and platforms add up and companies are left stranded in a sea of specialized but disparate capabilities—to the point that the chaos eclipses the advantages.

While enterprises have been occupied manually managing that mess, a single, robust platform has been further strengthened. This distributed SQL foundation provides one database to manage while granting the ability to handle mixed workloads, multiple models, and all of the data management in between seamlessly.

In this webcast, we will discuss how and why database sprawl emerged, what it means for day-to-day productivity, cost, and performance, and most important, how to consider a fresh start with a platform that puts the same capabilities in a far neater, more practical package.

Sprawl might be a tough topic to tackle but with MariaDB leading the way, we will navigate through the complexity, showing the path to cleaner, optimized operations without the endless overhead of multiple tools and platforms.

Join Andrew C. Oliver, product marketing manager at MariaDB and host, Nicole Hemsoth, to track the progress from database sprawl to centralized order.

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